What types of wallpaper do we carry?

The types of wallpaper we carry:

Peel + Stick, Texture Peel + Stick, and Traditional Pasted

You may ask: What are the differences?

Our peel + stick is a 6 mil thick removable wallpaper with a smooth matte finish to it. It's great for people who want to exercise their creativity, with easy removal!

Our texture peel + stick has a luxe feel to it, same thickness as above. It has the texture of traditional woven wallpaper, but with that removable wallpaper plus! Vintage meets modern.

And of course, the one we all know and love. traditional pasted.

Take a look!

Texture Peel + Stick

Traditional Pasted

Smooth Matte Peel + Stick

Geometric Wallpaper

Looking for a modern twist to your everyday decor? Look at how @thebloomingnest styled her console table. We love it!

Shown in Warm Beige

Kids Wallpaper

We definitely understand the pressures of getting your little one's room perfect. Why not try these darling patterns! Bring joy, sunshine, and happiness with these designs!

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Create an engaging and stimulating environment for your young ones

We love how @spvliving used our Jungle Friends mural in her home!

Which one would you choose?

Vintage Country Botanical

Our take on timeless botanicals

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Minimal Watercolour Collection

The best of our minimal watercolour collection. Our handpainted watercolour dots. A simple classic. Available in so many colours, we're certain you'll find one you'll love!

Abstract Collection

Modern interior takes on abstract. The folder keeps growing.

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