Wallpaper Calculator

Calculating how much wallpaper you will need is easy! Just follow these simple steps and you are on your way! 

Helpful info before you start:

1 foot = 12 inches. 

Roll width = 26 inches

Here at Timberlea Wallpaper, we may sell our wallpaper a little differently! We sell our wallpaper in panels! If your design requires more than one panel to complete the pattern, we will number them to help you install them in order!

Here is how you calculate how much wallpaper to order. Remember to order enough for your wall and extra if need. Our company prints to order to help reduce waste! Due to dye lots in the printing industry, printing panels in a different batch may produce slight colour variations. We are not responsible for colour matching separate batches. Please contact us to help suggest how much to order! 

Step 1:

Measure the length of your wall in inches. Double check your measurements. When ordering wallpaper, always make sure the length you order is at least the length of your wall, or more! TIP: It's best to have more than less! Nothing is worse than being a few cm off. 

Example: 96 inches in length is a 8ft wall, so you would select the 26x96" panel. 

Step 2:

Measure the width of your wall in inches. Double check your measurements. Since each roll is 26 inches wide, divide the total of your wall width by 26 inches. You want to round up to whole numbers and this is the amount of rolls you need for your dimensions!

Example: If your wall width is 10 feet, that is 120 inches. 120 inches / 26 inches = 4.5 rolls 

but REMEMBER you need to always round up to whole roll numbers!

Therefore, you would need 5 rolls to cover 120inches in width